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On 24 May 2012, more than a year after the disaster, TEPCO released their estimate of radiation releases due to the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Disaster. An estimated 538,100 terabecquerels (TBq) of iodine-131, caesium-134 and caesium-137 was released. 520,000 TBq was released into the atmosphere between 12 to 31 March 2011 and 18,100 TBq into the ocean from 26 March to 30 September 2011. A total of 511,000 TBq of iodine-131 was released into both the atmosphere and the ocean, 13,500 TBq of caesium-134 and 13,600 TBq of caesium-137. In May 2012, TEPCO reported that at least 900 PBq had been released “into the atmosphere in March last year [2011] alone up from previous estimates of 360-370 PBq total.

In a leaked TEPCO report dated June 2011, it was revealed that plutonium-238, −239, −240, and −241 were released “to the air” from the site during the first 100 hours after the earthquake, the total amount of plutonium said to be 120 billion becquerels (120 GBq) — perhaps as much as 50 grams. The same paper mentioned a release of 7.6 trillion becquerels of neptunium-239 – about 1 milligram. As neptunium-239 decays, it becomes plutonium-239. TEPCO made this report for a press conference on 6 June, but according to Mochizuki of the Fukushima Diary website, the media knew and “kept concealing the risk for 7 months and kept people exposed”.


Sep 20, 2013 – The Crisis at Fukushima’s Unit 4 Demands a Global Take-Over For  rBGH · Millions Against Monsanto · Cloning & Patenting ·Nanotechnology  the proximate site of three melted reactor cores it must somehow keep cool.…/expect-fukushimas-radioactive-ocean-plume-to

There will be a immeasurable increase in radioactive materials, but the concentration will be well below safety levels by that point…

Fisheries depletion – SlideShare

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Oct 9, 2011 – Fisheries depletion Presentation Transcript. Fisheries Depletion By Roff and Moreno; Origen of Fisheries Depletion Massive increase in 

Fish depletion – YouTube

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Jul 12, 2012 – Uploaded by Lei Wu A very short and moving clip on global fish depletion from the movie HOME.

Stop Fish Depletion, Start Boycotting | Facebook

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Stop Fish Depletion, Start Boycotting. Fishes used to roam the oceans without any fears, with no worries of death, with an 

Fisheries Depletion and Collapse – IRGC

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Fisheries Depletion and Collapse [PDF]

by KH Hauge – ‎Cited by 2 – ‎Related articles articles depletion of global fish stocks cannot be attributed to fishing alone. …. generated by tourism could be lost if fisheries are depleted and marine biodiversity is lost.

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Overfishing is the act whereby fish stocks are depleted to unacceptable levels, regardless of water body size. Resource depletion, low biological growth rates, 

Instances – Consequences – Types – Acceptable levels