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The above shows that over 25% of all the world’s fish stocks are either overexploited or depleted. Another 52% is fully exploited, these are in imminent danger of 

Overfishing: a threat to marine biodiversity

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Despite its crucial importance for the survival of humanity, marine biodiversity is in ever-greater danger, with the depletion of fisheries among biggest concerns.

General situation of world fish stocks – FAO

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expansion and a higher risk of stock depletion/collapse;. Depleted. Catches are well below historical levels, irrespective of the amount of fishing effort exerted;.…/fisheries/‎


of fisheries could affect millions in west Africa.

Overfishing – Wikipedia

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Overfishing is the act whereby fish stocks are depleted to unacceptable levels, regardless of water body size. Resource depletion, low biological growth rates, 

Instances – Consequences – Types – Acceptable levels